Um Ali's predictions for 2008

I just read this article about Um Ali's predictions for 2008 which I found in the side margin of Jewaira's blog. It seems she is notoriously famous, although I never heard of her before.

Here are Um Ali's predictions with my comments:

* Condolezza Rice will get married

Of course she will, after leaving the white house, she will write a book, go on a tour, be much richer, and find herself a toy boy and get married.

* Most of the parliament's members will be new faces

Come on Um Ali, even our Indian driver could have predicted that.

* An increase in the number of females in the government

Go to the ministries complex, its filled with women, there are no boys there.

* Instability in Kuwait's security, in the city and on the borders with Iraq

Is that new news? There is a war just a few kilometers away, what do you expect?
* Terrorist attempts in Kuwait, ending peacefully

There are crazies everywhere, but there is nowhere to run in Kuwait, so they will quickly get caught.

* The spread of a contagious disease in Kuwait in the coming few days

Summer is here, dust is here, air conditioners are on full blast. People are going to catch something.

* An earthquake will hit Kuwait

Already happened, sorry Um Ali, your prediction is backdated.

* A blackout in Kuwait

That's obvious, now what would impress me is if you gave us a date and time.

* Disputes between Iraq and Kuwait

Obvious also.

* Deputy Prime Minister of a GCC country will not last in office

Power positions always change.

* Two GCC ministers (Interior and Foreign) will not stay in office

That's not a prediction, that's a rumor going around.

* Unusual instability in Saudi Arabia's security

Something new?

* A severe earthquake will hit Egypt causing the collapse of several buildings and a high death toll

Egypt does not need an earthquake for buildings to collapse, just someone sneezing indoors With the multitude of unauthorized floors being built on top of building there, they are bound to collapse.

* Next US President will not be better than the previous one and will hold the worst for the world


* A terrorist attack on the US

Obviously again.


Um Ali lists out more obvious statements. What would impress me is if she gave details like the date, time, place and the name of a person with a specific prediction. No charlatan managed to do that, not even Nostradamus.



  1. Ah Don Veto
    Your analysis has reassured me in so many ways...we were so worried about the prospect of an imminent blackout in Kuwait and the thought of a disease (rumored tuberculosis in local milk ) has had us concerned.
    Glad to know it is all a hoax

  2. lol

    min wain e6la3at that om 3ali?

  3. * Condolezza Rice will get married

    Meno Hul magroad?

  4. jewaira: glad to help, can you believe people actually pay those guys for predictions they can get out of a fortune cookie?

    eshda3wa: hehe, the last Om 3ali I knew was served in restaurants.

    b.oz: Why not, famous, soon to be rich, soon to be book author, famed lecturer, etc.