Hamad Darwish - The Kuwaiti Vista Artist is giving away his wallpapers that did not make it to Vista

A little more than a year ago, I wrote about Hamad Darwish. Hamad is an amateur photographer that got contacted by Microsoft to use some of his photographs on Vista. Yuo can find my older post here.

Now Hamad has a site and is giving away the his photos that did not make it into Vista. You can get these beautiful pictures here.


  1. Oh, I've seen his pictures before and I really loved'em =D

  2. Great post Veto, this guy is a genius, kinda makes us proud we have a new generation of talented people like him. His work is truly striking.

  3. Loolykinns: He is great

    hilaliya: We got a lot of geniuses in Kuwait, some are unknown and others are beaten down by the system

    Dude: I added them to my collection of wallpapers