I never knew this

I never knew websites had working hours like regular establishments. I always thought they worked 365/24/7. Web sites live on electrical magic boxes that churn away different requests never complaining and never stopping, except for the little interruptions for upgrades or crashes.

Apparently, I was wrong.



  1. dun u know how this site runs? u place an order and some indian dude makes the phone call for u to the place u wanna order from, sometimes this indian dude needs to sleep and he closes the place down :P

  2. blasha, does he sleep in the car like the dude in the last post? :p

    and the closed sign is CUTE wahaha

  3. maybe the guy you saw is the 6alabat delivery dude.... hehe

  4. yeah...the website where I go to pay my stupid school loan closes on the weekends...I think they do it to charge for 2 days (late fees)....

  5. blasha: I never knew that. Now thinking about it, I am sure you are right.

    swair and zed: See how two minds are greater than one? You are both right, it must be the same dude.

    vie: ouch, loans, you borrow $1 they take back $100