Kuwaiti Water Towers

Kuwaiti Water Towers, those mushroom shaped reservoirs that store water high above the ground and nourish the surounding suburban residences. These towers have recently received a dazzling makeover.

Water Tower

Full Size Picture Here.


  1. I know you want to throw me down from one of these, watch me fall and die! I am sowwy... And to top it up, it does NOT send the answers to my gmail, it tells me "Hi Qatar Cat, So and so has fallen for the prank. You can see his/her secret-loves at:
    http://www.secret-loves.com" where I need the password I made up to set the whole thing up, and I forgot what it was. Now cough up, what were your answers?

    :P :P

  2. how could they turn something so amazing to look at into that?!!?? that is damn ugly!

  3. QC: yea, and cats are afraid of water, but all is forgiven cause it is valentine.

    fonzy: I like it, it looks like UFOs landing.

    swair: not even just a little?

  4. Sigh... it just gets worse.

  5. sorry man, no offense to ur taste but if those were UFOs, they would be coming grom cheesy planet