Laptop Reincarnation


The Hindu or Buddhist doctrine that a person may be reborn successively into one of five classes of living beings (god or human or animal or hungry ghost or denizen of Hell) depending on the person's own actions


My laptop died on me a few months back. My laptop just reached its third birthday, I know it is old but it survived being lugged around all over, being put in a suitcase and having lots of coffee spilt on it. I could not let an old friend die a miserable death. I mourned its loss for a few days. I had all my pictures and music on it. To emerge from my deep grief and depression, I went out and bought me a fully loaded desktop. I knew the problem was the hard disk. Hard disks usually have lifetimes of three to five years.

Once I got reconnected to the Internet from my desktop, I put on my surgical gloves, (not really, but it would have been more dramatic if I did). I looked for some magical software that would allow me to resurrect my now dead laptop back to life. After toiling night and day, I found a utility that builds a boot CD. That magical CD allowed me to recover my hard disk after booting from it.

I booted, my laptop came back to life, I wanted to scream, "its alive", just like Dr Frankenstein, when the thunder bolt zapped through the creature he was assembling.

I backed up all my music and digital photos to an external hard disk. Then moved them back safely to my new desktop. A little software tweaking and everything was safely back.

I left my laptop to collect dust and rest in peace. Everytime I passed my dead laptop a tear streaked down my cheek (not really). I always thought that if a laptop started misbehaving, it was as good as dead because you cannot fix it in Kuwait and I did not feel like shipping it to the US to be fixed. A few days ago, I met an old friend in Hawalli Bin Khaldoon Street. Marzouq mentioned him a few months ago in his post. It was Happy (yes his name is Happy). I knew Happy from Wazzan when he was working there. He always gave me the best prices. I was happy to see him again, I found out that he can fix laptops, so I brought my dead laptop to him. I knew everything in my laptop was working fine except for the dead hard disk. I bought a new 120 GB hard disk and went upstairs to Happy's workshop. The workshop was an apartment Kitchen, with different computer stuff thrown around.

Workshop / Kitchen

I stayed there while my hard disk got replaced, a new Windows XP installed on the new Hard Disk and it booted normal. My laptop just got a new life. Now I need to download the updated drivers and it will be working like new.

My laptop being fixed

The wonders of Reincarnation.

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  1. LOL, the way you put up this post, walla 3ajeeba!! aham shai the kitchen workshop!!

    and salamat 7ag ur laptop :P