300 - A Kuwait Review

I saw 300 yesterday and it was awesome. It was so amazingly great that even the kids that usually shout stupid comments during any movie you see in Kuwait, where awestruck and silent.

If you have a weak stomach, you will not enjoy it, but if you like bloody battle scenes with limbs and heads flying after being slashed by swords, then you will love this movie. Do not expect any realism here, the movie 300 is more of a graphic novel adventure, mixed with Lord of the Rings epic battles, Gladiator like sword and shield fights and exagerated monsters.

The movie was not cut up as bad as I thought it might be by the Kuwaiti censors. The storyline was barely disturbed.

Here is a little preview of 300 with some blood spattering scenes (not the trailer) from youtube:


  1. very good movie. i was surprised to see a dvd quality version on the net, got it today and saw the movie. amazing effects and good storyline.

  2. seriously?
    i thought the movie was stupid ! COMMON 300 and no one gets killed?
    the only thing i liked was how the leader was telling them to stand for each other , okay smart plan bs totally unrealistic!
    beside really ugly monsters, maybe it was a guys movie and i wasn't supposed to watch it :P

  3. Ok, this has to be the millionth (over exageratting as usual) i read with a good review for 300, ok im definetly watching it 2mrw!

  4. I saw this flick a few weeks back my BF the comic book artist loved it. I liked it too although felt it could have been way better. There was so much more they could have added since it was based on an actual historical event but given the fact that the movie itself was based on a comic book it was alright.

  5. Every one is talking about this movie!! I’ll be having 2 weeks Easter holidays that if they pass with out me seeing it I’ll be really mad!