Kuwait's New License Plate

Cars started appearing in Kuwait's streets with the new License plate. Mark wrote about it here.

There is one license plate only available to the exclusive few, no amount of wasta will help you in getting it. This is the plate I yearn for.

License Plate

What makes this plate so special? It has Diplomatic Immunity, no police will stop you no matter how fast you drive, no bad parking violations, no worries.


  1. was about to say that I like the old license plates better but since you mentioned diplomatic immunity, man I'm in ..

  2. LOL Don we all have diplomatic immunity in the name of 'was6a' in this country! Haha!

  3. chica: yeah, diplomatic immunity rocks.

    DR: was6a will not get you out of the speed camera fines, but diplomatic immunity will ;-)

  4. I'm with DR! Was6a immunity! XD