If you use Facebook, you have to see this

Facebook Expose here.

What it says is that Facebook has ties to the CIA, and other US government agencies. Very scary, I am glad I never joined facebook, myspace, etc.


  1. been along time since I dropped a comment here......!!!

    hope you're well and doing great...

    as for the CIA crap, so, what does this have to do with me meeting people, chatting with them, and exchange pictures and other things.......?!?!

    we use facebook because we want to use what facebook has and provides, and if I posted information to the public, then I wont have a problem with the CIA seeing it.......!!!

  2. Who says that what I put on Facebook (or anywhere else online) is true? ;)
    I'm actually a Jamaican living in Caracas. This transmission will terminate in 3..2..1..

  3. exzombie: I tihnk it more of a warning not to say anything about yourself or the people close to you online that you don't want out in the public, or coming to haunt you later. Even if you have several levels of passwords and encryptions.

    liosliath: I was expecting my laptop to self destruct ;-)

  4. i agree who cares you can lie about everything