Mission Impossible - Season 1


I got a DVD of Mission Impossible - the first season. It is copyrighted 1966, so it must have been taken in 1965. The different episodes are all good though a little old fashioned of course it has that unforgettable theme music.

I took some screen grabs of things that interested me, especially the "advanced" spy technology they had before.

Tape Deck

Tape Deck

The Mission is spoken through a tape deck just like the two above that gets destroyed in white smoke when the tape is fully played. Those mini tape decks where very bulky but it was the best technology on hand at that time. Remember, that was ages before the invention of cassette tapes, or MP3 digital players or mobile video phones concealed in sunglasses.

Mission Impossible Team

The Mission Impossible team meets to discuss the mission and set the plan. Check out those suits and slim straight ties.

Sophisticated spy gadgets are also demonstrated at these meetings to be used during the mission.

Wrist Tape

Check out this arm fitted tape device. Super secret advanced technology back then.

Or this mini handheld camera.


I Liked their cars, look at the lines on this Mercedes limousine which I would love to drive today.


This Cadillac (at least I think it is) is very classy also.


Lady spies wore hats indoor and dresses and used their feminine charm instead of double barreled sawed off shotguns to get the information they needed.


Advanced technology was used in most episodes to fool the enemy like this playback tape deck.

Tape Deck

and this audio mixer.

Audio Mixer

Or inside the spy van parked outside the target's house.

Spy Van

If the technology ever broke down, you took out your soldering iron and fixed it while the clock was ticking.


In conclusion a very entertaining series, even if it is around 40 years old.

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  1. Wow impressive!

    I bet modern technologies would look as funny to people in about 40 years time as these do now!


    Bring on the suits and slim ties though, that look is sexy!