Is this the next new thing ?

I had a music channel on the TV and listening to music in the background while I surfed the web. I start to hear a jumpy sort of song, I look at the TV set and I see this crazy frog style video with a gummy bear shaking his chubby bottom.

It took all my self control not to find some heavy object and smash the TV set because of that song. The problem is that the song is like a virus, it is contagious. The hypnotic beat, and the cutesy bear forces you to watch.

Have a look at it, but I am not responsible if you feel the urge to pulverize your monitor.


  1. Oh I'm a gummy bear... yes I'm a gummy bear... Oh I'm a yummy chummy lucky funny gummy bear...

    *wanders off whistling to the tune..

  2. qc: you caught the bug.

    bb: I know, it is dangerously catchy.