Bad Weather

Yesterday was the worst weather ever, red dust all morning then monsoon like rain causing torrents of mud.

In bad weather, be sure to drive slowly, safely, buckle up and watch out for the drivers around you.

This poor guy was not very careful.

Not Good


  1. Hello Dr Don :)

    I was supposed to go to the beach yesterday morning but the mud-rain was too freaky for me to go out.. I dont recall seeing such a thing..

    I'm an Iraqi blogger from London, on a short visit to Kuwait.. I would absolutely relish the chance to meet up with a kuwaiti blogger to find out more about the country, the people, the blogging and anything else.. this place is so new to me..

    if you're interested, please drop me a line.. we'll have kebab in Soog il Mbarkiya.. :)..

    great blog, loved the post about difference in writing between girls and boys..


  2. I would rather call it :

    "cgange in Weather"