Laila in the Sky with Diamonds - or Hailstorm in Kuwait

I was in the middle of watching the movie "Blood Diamond", in my darkened living room. I hear something banging on my window shutters. It starts slow then increases within minutes to a powerful roar, I jump up and open the outside door of my Diwaniyah and I witness the hailstorm at its peak. Mark called it Hurricane Laila, which is very appropriate.

I just saw in the movie Blood Diamonds how raw uncut diamonds looked like. I looked down my welcome mat and saw the same precious stones all over, but when I grabbed a stone, it melted into water.

Here is a pic of my welcome mat with all the diamonds hailstones that landed within a two minutes.

Hailstones in Kuwait


  1. lol wanasa.. u should see how our pool looks like when it's being hit with so many hailstones.. it looked very nice but i wouldn't want to be in the pool :p

  2. swair: me too, I'd rather stay inside and wait the storm out.