Kabab Al Hija and Henry Ford

Henry Ford invented the assembly line method of manufacturing. The concept was to assemble each component of a product separately and pass it down the line to the next stage with further assembly. At the end of the assembly line, the result would be a finished product. This manufacturing method transformed the car industry allowing the mass production of cars at affordable rates for the masses. If not for Henry Ford and assembly lines, the elites would be driving cars and everyone else would be riding horses and donkeys.

Kabab Al Hija in Bned Al Gar, Kuwait have also revolutionized the manufacturing of Kababs. Inside, you will find an assembly line for Kababs, from the meat carcasses, the meat grinders, the coal grills, packing with Iranian bread and the final product packaging. Each stage has its own work area with one or more white clad worker assembling the kabab product.

I managed to snap a few pictures clandestinely, I did not want to be caught and arrested for industrial espionage. I did not take any pictures of my ordered Kabab, I was too hungry so I ate it :-)

Outside Kabab Al Hija

Kabab Al Hija's crowded Entrance

Inside Kabab Al Hija
Inside Kabab Al Hija

Kabab Al Hija's next door competition

Kabab Al Hija's next door competition, notice no customers there.


  1. A professor used to give the example of Kabab Hija as an application of software engineering infront of your eyes. You see the whole process A-Z :)

  2. Kabab Al Hija's - me love the kabab sandwich of this place its just tooo good plus the place is super clean and loads of ppl working ....u could see them make the kababs :)