I am back

I just came back from Amsterdam. It was not a vacation but work. I had a free last day and I managed to snap a few pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say so I will keep the prose to a minimum. Enjoy.


Danish Dutch people are very caring of themselves and their fellow human beings, that is why you have emergency defibrillators and stretchers just in case you have a little emergency and need someone to zap you and carry you off.

One thing you notice about Amsterdam are bicycles, they are everywhere, even more than cars.


Bycycle Parking
Multi-storey Bicycle Parking

Bike Rental
If you don't have a bike you can always rent one.

Taxi Bike
Or you could take a Taxi Bike.

For longer travel, trains are used.

You pay your fare by banging on a touch screen and pushing coins down the slot.

Bike Box
If you travel by plane, you can always take your bike with you.

Danish Dutch people love their chips.
Chip Shop
This place was doing more business than the McDonalds further down the street.

More Chips
Hot cones of chips are served from the freshly made chips hills, the only menu selection you get is Ketchup or Mayonaise on your chips. I had Ketchup.

There is a vibrant coffee culture in Amsterdam, french style outdoor coffees are everywhere.
Outdoor Coffee

After your Cappucino, you have to pay for it.

Other coffee places are not really coffee places. Always read the sign at the door before going in.


  1. 7amdillah 3l selaama....and that multi story bicycle park just looked too weird...they sure do like their bikes dont they?

  2. dr: thanks. They love their bikes.

    swair: me too, but this is extreme but still fun.

  3. You were in Amsterdam or Denmark?!

  4. Ehm, we are Dutch not Danish. The Danish are from Danmark.

  5. Rebecca and Anon: Sorry about that, I fixed the post.