My Desk - and others

I thought my computer set up was pretty cool, with 2 monitors, my big screen TV and all my remotes (DVD, TV and satellite receiver) all lined up.

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Then I found this link with other nerdy desk set ups, Now I feel I need to buy more hardware.

I especially like this one:

Nerd Desk


  1. What does one do with so many monitors?!

  2. Eeemmmm but what about ll the tabs in IE and Firefox ??

  3. jewaira: bigger is always better, its like having a huge desk and have all your different programs are running at the same time.

    diigmaa: tabs are nice, I use opera, but 2 browsers or more are even better.

  4. why would u need all these screens anyway
    one will to the job beautifully

  5. Well stop already. You're killing me :(

    I already have my eyes on 1000 KD LCD Screen, and want a desk like the one you posted. I had a dream to do so, but now with life expenses, that dream will stay so.

    As to what can a person do with a desk like this, geek all day a long ;)

  6. That's alot of desk..alot of monitors! After having a laptop for so many years I find it hard to sit at a desk with monitors etc.

  7. eshda3wa: like CLV said, its a guy thing.

    clv: exactly :-)

    bashar: inta ilee fahimnee

    an: ok

    mia: try it, it is just like going to the imax