Car Wash and Meal

With all the dust storms that we had in last few weeks my car needed a good wash outside and in all the hidden places where dust loves to collect.

I went to Canada Dry Street from the Third Ring Road and took the first right and I drove into Al Roudha car wash and parked my car next to the car wash attendant holding a water blasting hose.


I left the car in his capable hands, and went to sit inside. The waiting place was designed like a Diwaniyah with long chairs, a tea kettle and always on television. As I was about to walk in, I noticed the staircase leading up to an Indian restaurant also part of the car wash. I was feeling hungry so I decided to have something to eat while my car was being restored to its original color.

Right next to the restaurant's entrance was a Menu stuck to on the wall.


It reminded me of French Café's in Paris where the menu is displayed right at the entrance so you can check if they serve what you like, or if the price is agreeable.

I walked in. There was a preparation area for quick sandwich orders.


Right next to it, was the kitchen where the pots of rice dishes where cooking.


I sat down and ordered chicken biryani.

Chicken Biryani

In less than a minute my order was placed in front of me. I especially liked the spicy maraq that came with it and I asked for another serving of maraq. The cook happily obliged.

From the restaurant's window, you could see the car wash below.

window view

I finished my meal, my dishes where quickly whisked away and a glass with one single tea bag placed in front of me. As I was sipping my tea, I was interrupted by the car wash attendant who found me in the restaurant and told me my car was ready to be wiped and I needed to move it to the other side. I invited him to join me for a glass of tea, but he declined. He must have had other cars in line for his expert attention. I finished my tea, went below to the car wash area and watched as my car was patted and buffed until it shone like new. The job was done, the meal was gone. I got in my car and drove out after paying.

Driving Car out

Price for car wash - KD 1.500
Price for Biryani - KD0.900

Happy Car / Happy me - priceless.


  1. great post! sounded like a nice momment in your day.. :D

  2. It's sure alot better than what I get to eat when I was my car. A bag of chips and a Dr.Pepper.

  3. What a nice post. I can imagine how tasty that biryani was.

  4. The question is not how tasty the 900 fils baryani was but whether or not you had any stomach ache afterwards? :D

    If not, you should post their number 5osh service!

  5. sounds like a great deal to me. stop by and say hi sometime

  6. miya: ala y3afich

    bb: tnx, happy you enjoyed it.

    snookie: A perfect day, now immortalized on my blog :-)

    mia: Another car wash I know has an excellent fatayir oven, with spinach, cheese, zaatar, etc. stuffed in freshly made dough.

    jewaira: very tasy, I still can taste it.

    1001: don't worry, il mi3da 7adeed, it can take all sorts of abuse.

    intlxpatr: thanks.

  7. Sounds like a treat - both for your car and for you :)

  8. QC: Yup, can't wait to wash my car again.

    Liosliath: If you mean next to the menu, it is the Emir of Kuwait, more here if you are interested: