Fantastic 4 Day

I went with my kid to Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was basically fantastic, from the cosmic ray powered surfing of the silver surfer to the Fantastic Jessica Alba with her invisibility and telekinetic powers.

Jessica Alba
I took this picture inside the movie, I never knew that was possible.

The movie is not Oscar material, but it was very entertaining, like a wild roller coaster ride. One thing I noticed, in the trailer Johnny, the fire boy when asked to chase the silver Surfer and he needed to turn on his flames, said "I just bought this tux", because if you flame on, your clothes naturally burn off. In the movie, he said "It's a Dolce", hmm, perhaps some last minute product placement.

Watching the silver Surfer surf all around the cosmos and on our planet Earth reminded me how I used to skateboard. I never surfed before but I am a pretty decent skateboarder. One time I skateboarded a few kilometers down a steep Swiss mountain road, I managed to skillfully avoid all the obstacles until I hit a little pebble at the end of the road, and that made me fly 20 meters and and land on my forearms and knees. I did get some bloody scrapes but still ended up in one piece with nothing broken.

After the movie ended, we walked out and it was fantastic how the kids left their trash when the lights came on, they probably thought their babysitter was around to pick up after them.

Trash at the movies

Outside in the Mall, there was a scary clown doing back flips and a blue ant following him, I don't know what that was about but it was fun to watch.

Clown and Ant

That was the end of a very enjoyable evening.


  1. Comforting glimpse into the typical outing to the cinema in Kuwait.

    I like the skateboarding story.

  2. LOL yes after 2 months at home all this comes as a shock!! Went to the movies the other day and was mighty annoyed by the cellphones and mountains of trash by the end. Duhh..

  3. jewaira: typical but always fun :-)

    qc: hey! long time no see, are you back or just passing by?