Youtube is Hiring

Youtube is hiring more staff, for the full list you can find it here.

One job that caught my attention was, Country Editor, EMEA

EMEA is an acronym for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

What are they looking for exactly? Let us go through their list, with my comments preceded with a *:

Positions are available across EMEA.

*meaning you get to work wherever you live as long as it is in EMEA.

Are you amazed by the power of YouTube? Do you consider yourself a trendsetter or “cool hunter”? Is the Internet second to oxygen on your must-have list?

*I understand this to mean, do you spend most of your waking life on the Internet, I can see that applicable to a lot of people over here.

YouTube, the leading Internet video sharing company, is looking for enthusiastic, savvy and “plugged in” Country Editors to curate the site and localize programming for international markets. Country Editors also play a key role in building community among regional users by working directly with content creators to honor their feature requests, encourage engagement with the site, and troubleshoot where needed. Country Editors serve as model YouTube users themselves, maintaining a channel, leading by example, and actively engaging with local communities through video responses, blog entries, and more.

*That fits perfectly with most of the bloggers that like to tweak their web pages and update their blogs as soon as something interesting happens to them.

Sourcing the best videos on YouTube in your language, videos that best speak to your culture’s general (and niche) interests.
Brainstorming innovative ways to package and present video content for your market.
Programming the site on a daily basis using our content management tool.
Daily research on what the v/blogosphere is buzzing about, pop culture happenings, current events, etc. in order to make intelligent and timely programming suggestions.
Community outreach – connecting with content creators in your region.
Producing content for and maintaining editor vlog(s).
Maintaining local-language YouTube blog.
Coordinating with editorial team in San Bruno when/where it makes sense.
Coordinating with regional customer service teams to address user issues.

*Most of the bloggers on Safat can do this with one hand tied behind their back.

Coordinating with regional business development teams to review content from partners as well as to make suggestions of partners to join the YouTube platform.
Coordinating with local PR and marketing teams to fulfill content needs/requests.

*The above needs networking and people skills, true isolated nerds, need not apply.

Excellent language experience – native tongue + English. Any European languages are a plus.

*A lot of bloggers, again on Safat, are bilingual, trilingual and quadlingual not counting the many Arabic dialects we all know.

Knowledge, experience, and a passionate user of YouTube.com.

*That is a no brainer, we all know how to watch TV, and therefore Youtube.

Proven editorial track record.
Show your blog, if it is properly edited and laid out, then you got a good chance.
Extensive experience in a high-tech and/or editorial environment.

*Meaning, serious blogger.

Excellent written and oral communication skills.

*blogger again.

Incredibly plugged in to the Internet, technology and pop culture.


Detail- and deadline-oriented.


Apply here, I have a full time job right now but you can apply and tell them Don Veto sent you.

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