I bought some gold.

No, I did not go to the gold market, I did not even need to get out of my house. I bought gold from my online broker, ticker symbol GLD.

You know when the pundits speak about money on the sidelines, well I am part of that money. Yesterday I decided to get into the market again. I looked at the different indicators, and the only one that was outperforming all the others was Gold, so I went and bought GLD.

Have a look at the chart below from 2005 till today:


GLD outperformed all the major indexes.


  1. . . . but can you sew your certificate into the lining of your bisht if you need to get out of the country in a hurry?

    Gold is always the refuge for conservative investors.

    This is also a great time to pick up some of those sub-prime lent properties being foreclosed upon.

  2. intlxpatr: I do have an old bisht that I never wore, and the Gold is in the States so I will have something to finance my getaway.