Put your mobiles on silent

Put your mobiles on silent, hide them in a box, and put that box far far away from you. Ramadan is near, and the message flood is starting, family, friends, acquaintances, people you don't know, people you don't want to know, companies, corporations, satellite TV channels, and even the local falafel shop will be bombarding you with SMS Ramadan greetings.

Ramadan Greetings to all. I will not be sending any messages to anyone this year.


  1. Ramadan mubarak! hah! I sent you a message! :P

  2. i hate ramadan sms's
    i wont be sending anyting either

  3. Yeah I hate to admit it but that kind of stuff just annoys me to the point that I wish I wouldn't receive it. Sending mass messages to people takes away from the personal aspect. Call the close ones to congratulate them and that's enough, no need to get in touch with the whole world.