Television Series Intro (My Favorite)

What happened to TV Series intros? These days the intros are a countdown clock beeping (24), or a bland pop song with someone saying "I will be there for you" (friends) or a funky guitar intro (Seinfeld).

Before, you waited for the TV show just to see the Intro. Some of my favorites are: (in no particular order)

Makes you want to ride in a super secret helicopter and pulverize the bad guys.

The car technology today appears old fashioned, but the intro still is great.

You can almost hear your bionic power sound effects when you do some heavy lifting after watching the 6,000,000 dollar man.

This video will self destruct.

Everyone's favorite intro.


  1. Well, everythin's moving fast now.. this the intros.. I love Knight Rider o MI too

  2. haha That was great, and you're right about the last one. EVERYONE's fave :P That said, you're officially my new hero for posting more than one youtube video in the same post :P

  3. chika: I love them all, but Grendizer is a classic that needs to be immortalized.

    dng: thank you, do I get a prize?