Kuwaiti Workers

The AFP news agency had a small article discussing the shift from a Thursday Friday weekend to a Friday Saturday weekend. It said that islamist did not like this shift. They showed a picture labelled, "Kuwaiti workers have their lunch at a marketplace in Kuwait City". shown here:

The article is accurate but my comment is about the picture, first these are not Kuwaiti Workers, they are Workers in Kuwait. A more appropriate picture of Kuwaiti workers having lunch would be a picture of them in Starbucks or any American restaurant on the Gulf Road, or with 10 kg bags of badyan butat and falafel sandwiches being delivered to their desks.


  1. Good one, Don Veto.

    I've seen workers in the old markets in Kuwait City sitting down to lunch that way and it all looks very intriguing.

    Curious isn't it the way photos can be manipulated to tell a version of the truth.

  2. Actually I don't think most Kuwaitis have two shifts work, so why would they need a lunch break?
    In other words, they'd be having machboos at home.. The newspaper can't put a pic of that, so ummmm... Improvised?

  3. jewaira: sneaky reporters, or maybe people sitting at their desk in france and getting sotck pictures for their articles.

    eshde3wa: I know, I use to eat falafel at worka long long time ago, but now I order Costas ;-)

    rahash: even if you had 2 shifts, and you went home and ate machboos, I don't think you could go for the sencond shift :-)