How to go back in time on safat.kuwaitblogs.com

Most of the bloggers in Kuwait know about Safat, it is the aggregator that keeps all of us Kuwaiti bloggers together as one big happy family.

I use to remember there was a nice calendar on the side bar and you could see past posts. I cannot find it anymore, I thought it might be my Opera browser that did not display it correctly, so I tried IE, still no calendar.

Anyway, if you want to see past posts you can either wait until it is just before midnight Kuwait time and catch the last post, or if you don't feel like Cinderella, then you can use the following links:

http://safat.kuwaitblogs.com/page/2/     for yesterday
http://safat.kuwaitblogs.com/page/3/     for the day before yesterday
http://safat.kuwaitblogs.com/page/4/     before before yesterday
http://safat.kuwaitblogs.com/page/5/     before before before yesterday

I will not go on and cover the whole year, I think you can figure it out now.


  1. Do you think some of the bloggers out there are THAT lazy :) !

    I like to always keep updated so Reader is fine for the ones I add bas the rest I have to do it manually sometimes, rather than wait for safat feeds to show

  2. i still can see the colander with firefox

  3. I can also see the calendar just fine.

    Although I do use Safat regularly, I find Bloglines gives me a more wholesome view of blog posts I've missed