Crossing the Street in Malaysia

Malaysian cars drive on the wrong left side of the road as opposed to the right side. So you need to readapt all your street crossing skills, or follow the walk / don't walk pedestrian indicators to be safe.

The indicators here are cool; they have an animated figure with a countdown timer. Have a look.

I would have made it a little more dramatic with the little stick figure squished by an animated truck as soon as the counter hits zero, as a warning for all those considering jaywalking.


  1. I thought that was cool too. Reminded me of an old Spectrum game, Manic Miner. I wonder if the author had programmed the traffic lights!
    It's also funny that 90% of cars there are lookalikes from european,american,japanese brands but they're actually Malaysian...

  2. We have the same indicator.
    Yes, I saw only one not far from my university :)

    & I like your idea :D

    Don Veto, tell us a secret - are you really enjoyng this trip alone? :P

    & also... what does that duckling do in your bathroom?
    What is it for?
    It was in the hotel, or you took it from your bathroom in Kuwait not to miss Kuwait too much :P

  3. Oh man that is so cool! I wish we had that. I like your idea of the squished figure. By the way the rubber duckie the hotel gave you is just too adorable. I have one too in my bathroom as a decoration. Maybe they are related...the resemblance is amazing!

  4. Thats the coolest thing ever!! I like your idea too....

  5. anon: Spectrum, wow, Uncle Clive's Colour Computer, I did not notice the cars until your comment, you are right.

    sever: The duckling was in the Hotel when I came in, I thought it was a nice touch. I am going to leave it there for the next guest.

    mia: hehe, you can check its genetic marker to see if they are related, mine says, "Made in China"

    Phoenix: Thanks.