Every Mother's Problem

The young mother was sitting in the airport and checked her watch, her flight was due in 2 hours and she hated waiting. Hubby was far away checking out the duty free shops, she was left alone with the carry on luggage and her one and a half year old little monster daughter. She had too much coffee and mineral water. Her little angel was hyper and wanted to run all over the airport. Suddenly, nature called, she had to go badly, not in a few minutes, but right now! Hubby was nowhere in sight. What could she do?

The answer is simple, hang the baby on the toilet's stall door.


You can buy this ingenious hanger from here.


  1. Allaaa wanasa! I want one for my size, mafee?

  2. Hmmmm I know a few kids right now that it would be perfect more. And it got nothing to do with having to use the bathroom.

  3. tinker: adorable, isn't she?
    1001: Check their web site ;-)
    mia: Me too.