Travelling to Malaysia

I have been away for a few days because I was hopping different airplanes to reach Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is my first day here. The time difference is 5 hours more than Kuwait, so right now it is 8pm in Malaysia and in Kuwait it is 3 pm. After yesterday's long 8 hour flight and 1 hour drive from the airport to the hotel, I finally checked in the hotel and collapsed in bed to sleep. After waking up I noticed that the hotel room is huge, and the bathroom had both a shower stall with glass doors and a tub. They even added a nice little touch to the tub.

Rubber Duckie

I woke up at an unknown time and needed strong black coffee. I do not know what the Malaysian's drink for their caffeine kick so I headed off to the Megamall which is a huge mall that has got all the different shops and coffee houses you would expect from the newer malls. I found a Starbucks, but had my coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leave.

I took a few pictures at the mall for your viewing pleasure. My pictures are not your usual sightseeing generic pictures, you can find these pictures all over the Internet with better views and better cameras, the shots I took was stuff that caught my attention.

After having my coffee and able to open my eyes, I walked around the mall and found Tower Records.
Tower Records

I went in and checked out the new music, but in this age of iPods, bittorent and other p2p software, I don't know if they where selling that well.

They had an interesting sign over the displayed merchandise, saying:

If you intend stealing...

I walked by a place that looked like an exclusive high fashion hair salon, behind a glass front they had a reception area and elegant doors leading you inside. I looked closer and the sign inside said "Lazik & Cataract Operation Theatre".


Eye surgery has gone mainstream, now you can do your hair, fix your nails, and zap your eyes to perfection and throw away those cumbersome glasses.

There was a menu shown from a computer display, showing the updated prices just like the trendy French Cafes.


Tissot Watches had a promotion going on with kids playing against each other Moto GP on networked xboxes.

Tissot Moto GP Promotion

I found a shop with an interesting name, it sells casual clothes.


I don't know if that will catch on elsewhere.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Hi Don
    I have been to KL before & I hope you spend best time there .
    Since you are there try to pay a short visit to Singapore by bus .

  2. You need a sponser to vist Singapore.

  3. Don veto,
    Hope you enjoy your time there. Be very careful using your credit cards there. they are very notorious for copying cards there. keep your eye out :) id stick to cash there if i were you.

  4. ANON, Kuwaitis dont need a visa to visit singapore the last time i checked.

  5. Hey Veto,

    Nice pics, hope you have a good time. And keep posting those pics.

  6. B.U.M Eqpt. is the best. The sweats and t-shirts are wonderful. I hope you're enjoying yourself and yeah man more photos por favor!

  7. oracle: Thanks for the tip and the good wishes, I didn't have time to go to Singapore, maybe next time.

    spicy: I think you are right about the Visa.

    amer: more pics for you, check my last post.

    mia: B.U.M exists in Egypt? I never heard of them before, and more pics in my latest post.