I'm Rich! I'm Rich!

Chad Hurley, co-founder of the popular Internet video sharing web site YouTube, said that the company is working on a plan for users who upload videos to be paid for their contributions. More here.

I started posting stuff on YouTube over 10 months ago. I posted videos that I got from my mobile camera and clips that friends sent over to me. A few I posted on this blog and others I kept on YouTube. Now the YouTube benevolent owners want to send some dollars over to me. Thank you very much Mr. Chad. The YouTube team still did not finalize the plan yet but if you want to make me richer, check out my YouTube posts by clicking on the pretty YouTube mosaic on the top left.

One thing I noticed, three days ago I put up a video of a lady rolling cigars, and in the first 3 hours it got around 270 views. My most viewed video is Saddam Hussein's sentencing with 48,087 views.

What does this tell me? That I should post more girl clips, and recent political events. That's stuff I usually try to avoid posting about.

Oh well I might not get rich as fast as I thought.


  1. Thats HOT!!!

    I also read the news and got psyched about it. But I'm sure that users will be paid depending on their video's popularity.

    question: Where did you get the video of the lady rolling cigars? Its pretty cool.

  2. 3adil 3adil ;) That's actually pretty neat hehe I watched all of yours videos on youtube 'cept the number of times they've been viewed doesn't change... for some reason. Madry, anyways hope I helped. Yalla take care. Laters man!

  3. Oops! Sorry! Didn't meant to sign in as anonymous :P

  4. CD: I think they will put in ads before the video is played like regular TV.

    I took that video myself, it was in a Cigar shop and the lady was there rolling cigars so I asked if I could film her, and the result is this clip.

    DG: welcome back, long time, where did you dissapear? stay tuned for more cool vids.