You know how to love but don't know how to write

This goes out to all those that are in love but are poetically challenged. Here is something to help you in expressing your undying love. You can find it here.


  1. Don Veto!

    I'm going to laugh to death :)))
    It's so amusing & funny.
    I will use it one day, oh I will use it... & my gift will be the best :D
    Especially with all these words "you are beautiful" & so on...


  2. THis explains alot!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I know where the love sms', from a certain someone, are coming from :[

  3. OMG lmao this is too great. I imagine alot of web romeos are going to be using this!

  4. Fun stuff! Especially if you use crazy words...

  5. amazing... hehe u just saved me a lot of work :P

  6. Hahaha this is the most incredible s**t! Thanks! I am sending a poem to hubby!

    :P :P

    I hope he remains my hubby after he reads it. If not - it's your fault!

  7. sever: what gift will you put in ?

    vie: at least he is trying ;-)

    mia: we all need to help spread the love.

    jewaira: I don't think you are poetically challenged, but still fun to try.

    fonzy: Don Veto - Connecting People ;-)

    QC: I am sure he will love you more.

  8. soooo niceeeeeee.....thks for your help....