McDonald's is changing its fries soon

Hurry everyone; go to your nearest Mc Donald's and stock up on the fries. I tried all kind of fries but nothing tastes as good as the Mc Donald's fries. It is slightly crispy outside and soft inside. You can take a single piece of fry and break it with a distinct snap to it. You can see the vapors float up from the two broken pieces. The taste is also better. I have been told by an expert cook that animal fat is used with the fries and the proof is when the fries cool down they are still crispy and not soggy like all the other fries. According to my expert friend, only food cooked with animal fat can do that.

Mc Donald's just announced that they will be changing their frying oils but did not announce when. You can read more here.

I think I am going to buy a few hundred kilos of McD fries and cryogenically preserve them, and then when they stop producing the classic fries, I can resell it for a higher price to my nostalgic customers or on ebay.

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