iPhone and the rest


The iPhone created a mini revolution once it was announced with all the mobile companies struggling to catch up with its looks and features. You can expect a lot of lookalike phones to enter the market and it already started with the first shot fired by LG with its Prada designed phone.

Prada LG Mobile

Excuse my limited fashion knowledge, but doesn't Prada make shoes? How would they know what sort of phone would be useful to me. If that is the new trend, associating your self with a shoe maker, you can expect zanooba mobiles or tamima mobiles.


Motorola already released a D&G RAZR a few month ago, doesn't D&G make overpriced T shirts and Jeans? How can they contribute to making a mobile better? All they did was paint the RAZR gold. If the mobile companies don't come up with more innovative ideas, the iPhone will eat up the market once Apple decides to release a cheap iPhone version a la iPod shuffle.

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