Supersized Ghoozi Feast

Ghoozi is lamb with scented rice served at Arab feasts such as wedding and other distinguished occasions. It is usually served on large trays of rice with the roasted lamb on top and guests share from the same tray. The ghoozi here is on the largest tray I ever saw. This feast appears to be in Saudi Arabia.


  1. This literally goes with the saying "Dig in!" ;P

  2. Veto,

    That scene was unbelievable, I am glad I dont get invited to these "traditional events" and even if I did I would avoid them like the plague.

    But that was a huge dish - how can you even pick rice from the middle section without entering the platter.

  3. Lamb!! I doubt it..
    I can see a CAMEL's hump!!
    Very disturbing ;/