The 10 Fastest growing jobs according to CNN Money

According to CNN Money, the 10 fastest growing jobs are:

1) Network systems and data communications analyst
2) Physician assistant
3) Computer software engineer, applications
4) Computer software engineer, systems software
5) Network and computer systems administrator
6) Database administrator
7) Physical therapist
8) Medical scientist
9) Occupational therapist
10) College instructor

Full Article here.

I suggest that the 10 fastest growing best jobs in Kuwait are:

1) Member of Parliament
2) Restaurant Owner
3) Startup business with your close relative as a Minister
4) Doctor in a Private clinic
5) ....

Ran out of job ideas, can you think of some?


  1. Batman Gasal sayarat (car washer), that is what my son want to be when he grows up.

    Interesting job don't you think?

  2. How about:

    5. Coffee shop.
    6. Coffee shop.
    7. construction.

  3. anykind of american franchise. be it a restaurant, a clothes line etc

  4. hussa: that is cute, I think he will have more ambitions growing up.

    anon1: yes to all, I want to open a coffee shop myself, so I can sell overpriced coffee.

    anon2: franchise always works, but all the good ones are already taken :-(

  5. my dad started a biz close friend minister 21 years later biz still looks good but I think it's time my dad goes independant ... no fair