Telemarketting Blues

Is it just me or do phone calls from telemarketers piss you off? They call you on your mobile from strangers that address you by your full name. I get calls from all sorts of different people, mostly female ranging from the bored of life Egyptian house wife to the overenthusiastic Filipino girl trying to sell to me their discount card subscriptions, free tickets if I buy a bucketful of junk to hotel sport gym memberships.

They always call when I am taking a nap, or expecting an important phone call. I try to be civil and tell them I am in a meeting with myself and press the disconnect button.

Once, I could not resist, this Filipino girl called me trying to sell to me a one year membership to a hotel sports club for 550 KD yearly, so I thought I would have a little fun cause I liked the way she said things:

[Mobile Rings]

Filipino girl (fp)
: Hello, is this Don Veto?
Don Veto: Speaking.
fp: I am from X hotel and I would like to give you the opportunity to join or exclusive club for pipe hundred and pipty KD.
dv: how much?
fp: pipe hundred and pipty
dv: did you say five hundred and fifty?
fp: that is right, pipe hundred and pipty
dv: can I get a fifty five KD discount on that?
fp: we don't give pipty pive KD discounts.
dv: if you discount fifty five? How much would it be?
fp: the price is pipe hundred and pipty, sorry, we cannot give you a pipty pive discount.

This went on for around 20 min, then my ear started feeling hot, so I said.

dv: Sorry, I am already a member of another club.



  1. ROFL --- prolly was meridien - theyre the worst at this sort of thing

  2. Hmm, Ive gotten about 3 calls in kuwait. That's it.

    One from gulf bank and a couple when they were going through that come and get free tickets to travel if you watch our 2 hour boring tape.

    Anyways, you really got her, poor girl :P

  3. lol, poor pilipino girl ;p

  4. i give this post pipe stars :p

  5. all: It wasn't her fault, she was only doing her job but marketeers should reconsider, I would never buy something off the phone especially if I am disturbed like that.