Video Games save real lives

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You are stuck to the screen, the world is in peril, you must save it from the evil slithering beasties as you get promoted from perilious level to level. Your palms are sweaty, you fingers are flying on the controls, you outmaneuver the opponent with a quick move to the right and a laser blast vaporizing it.

You awaken from your trance, look at your watch, 5 hours have passed. You wonder, what have you done with your life, 5 quality hours gone for a mere video game. You stretch your tense crouched muscles and sit up. Don't give up on video games yet, Video games can help cut surgical errors. According to the article:

The research involved 303 surgeons participating in a medical training course that included video games and was focussed on laparoscopic surgical procedures -- which use a tiny video camera and long, slender instruments inserted through small incisions. The study was conducted by Beth
Israel Medical Centre in New York City in conjunction with the National Institute on Media and the Family.

Doctors were measured on their performance of the "cobra rope" drill, a standard laparoscopic training exercise used to teach how to sew up an internal wound.

Researchers found that surgeons who played video games immediately before the drill completed it an average of 11 seconds faster than those who did not. Any errors committed during the training lengthened the time it took to complete the task -- indicating that faster finishers made fewer mistakes.

So play some more, you will be saving real lives soon.

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