Eros Ramazzotti

I was sitting in cattle class (coach class) taking a window seat and trying to get my long legs in a bearable position. Two older Italian ladies sat in the two seats next to me. They looked at me, and then looked at each other and started whispering in Italian. I felt a little uncomfortable, sensing they where talking about me. I checked my shirt, my pants, no noticeable funny stains on me there. I looked out of the airplane's window, watching as the plane took off.

The stewardess came with the complimentary juice, I took orange juice and drank it quietly. The ladies where still stealing glances at me. Let me break the tension, I thought, so I smiled at the lady next to me as she took another look at me. She smiled back, and said, "Eros Ramazzotti". "huh?", I thought, "What?", I asked, "Eros Ramazzotti", she repeated, and her friend bent forward and nodded her head in agreement. What was she talking about? I was baffled. My calculating mind did a quick search, there was this Italian / English song by Tina Turner called Cose Della Vita with an Italian singer called Eros Ramazzotti. I remembered the song, it was very catchy sort of Italian pop song with Tina in her well known rough voice complemented by Eros who had a similar rough voice singing the Italian part.

I understood, she either thought I was Eros, or I looked very much like him. She started to speak to me in Italian, I responded with "Non capito", meaning I don't understand, which is the most Italian I know except for a few choice swear words which I reserve for bad taxi drivers.

She then asked, "Italiano?". "No", I replied. "Francais?" she persevered, "No again", I said. I answered her by saying "Kuwaiti", flashing my blue passport which I took out of my jacket's inside pocket. I opened it at the picture page, showing my picture in full ghitra and iqal. "ooh", she said, then said something to her friend.

It was a quiet flight after that.

Here are a few pictures of Eros which I googled for those of you, just like me, that only vaguely heard about him or never did.

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  1. Can't believe you look like Eros! :p
    Post your pic, or else!

    I LUUUUURVE Eros. Loved him for like forever. From the time he was (gasp) a redhead, not a greyhead :D

  2. Don,

    I'm the kinda person that will notice anything but whats expected... hmmmm so,
    when was this ?
    Where were u headed, and where were you coming from ?
    why ?
    I want a vacation !!
    U swear ? and in italian ? shame on u ;P
    when sitting in cattle class always opt for Exit seat for extra leg space..
    and Hellooooooo Old Ladies were Hitting on u :P
    Back to the topic... I second Qatar Cats demand for a recent photo to be posted... we'll be the judges of it all :P

  3. Yeah DOn Veto, photo is long overdue.
    Sans full ghitra and iqal please, the REAL thing!

  4. QC: well I was never a redhead, arab black hair only, although gray is beggining to show now.

    diigmaa: Inspector Diigma ;-) I was on an internal flight in France, it happened a while back. I use to ask about the exit seats but even though I get leg space, I also having a screaming baby drooling and bawling right next to me because that is where they fix the screamer's cot, so I choose to have my legs suffer than get a bad headache.

    Now about the photo, you will have to wait until I publish my book and you will see my picture under the section "About the Author", sorry to dissappoint you.

  5. "Inspector Diigmaa" I like that... hmmm I can get used to that actually.. . Good thinking Sherlock :P

  6. OH MY GOD! I was in the dewanya while I was reading this blog. I brusted out in laughter and and huge OMG. Everybody was looking at me.
    The thing is I know what you look like. I can see why the Italian birds mistook you for Eros.
    This is so cool.
    Go easy on the ladies please.

  7. computerchi: hehe, see the resemblance, uncanny.