Angry Email = You are fired

The president of EMC China, comes to his office and finds the office door locked, he shoots off an angry email to his secretary, saying:

You locked me out of my office this evening because you assume I have my office key on my person. With immediate effect, you do not leave the office until you have checked with all the managers you support,

The assertive secretary, replies back, copying everyone in EMC China:

I locked the door because the office has been burgled in the past. Even though I'm your subordinate, please pay attention to politeness when you speak. This is the most basic human courtesy. You have your own keys. You forgot to bring them, but you still want to say it's someone else's fault

The email leaks out to the public, and the result is, the boss gets fired.

The full story can be found here.


  1. she did the right thing by CCing everyone - thats how you play the game

  2. Very interesting: there is no private mail anymore

  3. amer: the manager started it, so she played along.

    jewaira: nope, privacy dissapeared a long long time ago.