The Five Most Common Lies in Business

Lie: "People are our most important asset."
Lie: "This was a rational decision."
Lie: "We judge people by their performance."
Lie: "This is business, it isn't personal."
Lie: "The customer comes first."

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Now which lie did you hear recently?


  1. My recent lie is "We judge people by their performance." Pathetic really, they should say the truth and get it over with.

  2. " we are a very dynamic and innovative group"

    ..... from a public entity :P

  3. actually the kuwaiti company i work for values these things. and so far, they seem honest about these things :) except the judge by performance.. maybe im bein too optimistic about it

  4. hussa: It would be a very different world if truth was only spoken.

    krispy: don't recognize it, but I can believe it.

    anon: well there is still hope then in this world, I like to believe that also.