Actor's Brother says "Climate change is the major challenge facing the world"

Richard Attenborough is famous for playing Ghandi and Chaplin among other movies. Everyone recognizes those two characters, Ghandi being the pacifist who managed to liberate India from the British and Chaplin the comedic tramp character that became popular during the movie industry's infancy.

Richard Attenborough has a younger brother called David who says that Climate change is the major challenge facing the world. Richard Attenborough did produce some nature programs for television and acted in a few minor unknown films.

I have two comments first about global warming and the second about minor actors stating major scientific conclusions.

Global warming, whether true or not is good for me as a Kuwaiti and Kuwait. Kuwait's intense summers have cooled down and are now bearable and our previous extremely short Winter and Autumn period are now much longer. Kuwait is getting rain showers as late as May which would have never happened 20 years ago and the dust storms are less intense. I can see more greenery in Kuwait when it was previously all sand and rocks. Our customer nations that buy our oil are experiencing severe winters and hotter summers, therefore increasing their demand for oil which helps us sell more oil and raises the price of oil because of increased demand.

If Global Warming is true, then we need more of it.

Now why do we listen to actors when they spout scientific truths, they do not have the knowledge, the research discipline or the complete facts. They make statements and we just digest them.

Anyway, have an excellent weekend.


  1. Hi Don, sorry I just have a few corrections..David Attenborough graduated with a degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University,which is one of the two top universities in England, and has spent the past 50 years producing writing and directing documentaries about the natural world and science. He's not exactly some uneducated actor who doesn't know what he is talking about.
    The BBC also has a little biography of him which includes:
    In 1985, Sir David was knighted, he was given the Order of Merit in 2005. Over the years he has received honorary degrees and a number of prestigious awards including Fellowship of The Royal Society. He is a Trustee of the British Museum, and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and President of the Royal Society for Nature Conservation.
    I have been studying the issue of climate change for some time and have just returned from an expedition to the arctic's edge which leaves no room for doubt that we are experiencing global warming at an alarming rate.
    We are greener not because it naturally happened but because we planted trees here..which unfortunately has contributed to the water crisis we are experiencing which will only get worse..Also we are experiencing desertification..and when the water levels rise, our beautiful seaside country will most likely be partially submerged..besides that we already have coral bleaching, fish kills and algae overpopulation exactly because our waters are getting hotter. Where was our winter this year?
    As for the oil, well the fact that it is a major cause for global warming is going to be the exact reason why people are going to move away from it and we won't be experiencing the kind of profits this country has been living off for very much longer.
    I'm sorry to say that it doesn't really look very hopeful at all.
    It's a really beautiful world, it's a pity if we ignore the negative effects we are having on it.

  2. Wow, I humbly stand corrected for my two comments. Thanks s.

  3. Like the previous post of yours that I read Don_Veto this is also an extremely interesting post but just equally saddening. I really don't have much to say except I thought the water crises in Kuwait was just a political ploy to get everyone all focused on the water crises while they made their next move or whatever. Whoah whoah whoah partially submerged? ... Thanks S for pointing all that out. Again Don_Veto, good post!

  4. D&G: I am happy S corrected my info, it makes us all better aware of our suroundings. D&G, which previous post are you referring to?

  5. This is the post that I was referring to. 25 - 10 - 5 - Whatever

    Sorry but you update really quickly so I can't comment on all of your posts. So, I try to comment whenever I can.

    Oh and Meatloaf rocks! Although, I think there was a chick who sang "I would do anything for love" with him. She had a husky voice. I never heard him sing it alone. He always sang it with her. Anyways, Later!