Who is your Daddy?

Here is a snippet from Chris Rock's Bigger & Blacker HBO special:


Men lie the most,
women tell the biggest lies.

Men, we lie all the time.
We lie so much, it's damn near a language.
It's like, to call a man out for lying...
is like playing basketball with a retarded kid
and calling him for double dribble.
You gotta let some shit slide.

Men, we lie all the time.

You know what a man's lie is like?
A man's lie is like, ''l was at Tony's house.

''I'm at Kenny's house.'' That's a man's lie.

A women's lie is like, ''lt's your baby.''

We've all heard that one.

-''It don't even look like me.''
-''He's got your hat.''

That's right. Who the biggest liars?
Women the biggest liars.

The point here is not who is the worst liar, but rather being told it's your baby when it isn't and then finding out you are not the biological father, What would the result be? Well someone in Australia did a research and the results are here.

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