Sunburn Art

Have you ever been sunburned? Did you find your exposed areas a deep red color, itching badly with your skin peeling off?

Graham Plumb, got his backside sunburned, and instead of suffering in silence, he took his peeled skin and put together a map of the world. I saw it and it looks very cool, but if you are easily grossed out, don't see it.

You can find the map here.


  1. Gross... but kinda fascinating.

    My word verification is qcgymfx

    Is the blogger trying to tell me something??? LOL!

  2. I never was sunburned... just could become red... more red... & more red... but then at home i becamse more cold with the same colour of my skin... no changes.

    But if you could see my father... ohhh... he can make few such maps sometimes :D a lot of skin from 194cm-man.

  3. i never was sunburned, i just tan real qucik... but that was very interesting in a bizzare way!

    some ppl are just plain old creative :)

  4. Really creative! haha It doesn't even look like peeled skin. It looks more like the remnants of a white balloon. Decent map as well! Should I be worried that I'm not grossed out?

  5. QC: intuitive WV, hehe

    sever: I never got sunburned also, except once when I was on a boat ride for 4 hours under the hot Kuwait sun in the middle of summer.

    adorra: ew but nice.

    daydreamer: I wonder what his next project will be? maybe a wallet out of his sunburned skin.

    DG: Very accurate map, he must have lots of time and skin to spare.

  6. thanks to my Mexican descent...I never burn only turn from light brown to dark-red-brown...that map was so nice....but then I remembered that it was made of skin...EeeEewWWWw gross!!