Are Klingons Arabs ?

I was watching a DVD of Star Trek - The Next Generation. There was one scene where Worf, the Klingon security officer, was having a hand to hand training session. After the training was over, he chose a particularly attractive Bajoran ensign for a special test. He told her that he taught an advanced class but before she could participate, she should pass the "Gik'tal" test. "Gik'tal?", she asked with much curiosity. Worf, replied, “Yes, it is a very ancient Klingon ritual. It tests your knowledge of the forms of the Mok'bara".


To make a long story short, she passed the test, but then she said, “One thing I don't understand. Doesn't gik'tal mean 'to the death'?"

Then it dawned on me, Klingons are Arabs, or at least they speak arabic. Gik'tal sounds like gital, which is fighting to kill, and Mok'bara is grave yard in Arabic.

Is that why Klingons have such vicious tempers and always value honor and bravery before life itself?

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  1. I was under the impression that the klingons were supposed to represent the Mongol empire. i can remember reading that back in the early 90s. course that might have been simply fan theory