Shaku Maki

Spicy Tuna

I went to the Kei at the Marina Crescent last night. I enjoy Japanese food a lot. I had my order of Miso Soup, Assorted Tempura and a selection of Sushi and Sashimi followed by Tempura Ice cream. I still feel full from yesterday, I will probably skip lunch today.

I noticed a lot of custom Makis where included in the menu presented. They had different names like Khaled Maki, Ahmed Maki and Bujwess Maki. This trend started out in Sakura at the Crowne Plaza. A lot of inventive sushi lovers proposed to the Sushi chef Makis with their own combination of raw fish, rice and other garnishments. I tried one custom Maki and it tasted like Chicken Biryani with some hot daqus added to it.

I have my ideas for my own custom Maki. One of them will be Don Veto Maki, it will taste like creamy cappucino with an extra strong caffeine kick that will keep you awake all night and the following day. Another Maki combinatination will be Shaku Maki, which will taste strange and mysterious and make you say Shaku Maku all day.


  1. Don,

    starting to worry about u.. have u been hanging out wih Purg ??

    hmmm I like my sushi or shall I say Japanese food.. well Japanese !!!

    But the shaku maku Maki would be funny :P

  2. shaku maku....shaku maku....shaku maku....shaku maku....shaku maku....shaku maku....shaku maku....shaku maku....
    shaku maku....


    hiccup :/

  3. diigmaa: sorry never had the honor of meeting purg, I discovered sushi in 82. I like Sushi to be Japanese also, all that custom sushi tastes like falafel and baryani.

    DR: Sure thing

    Miya: hehe, bon appetit

  4. mmmmm salmon sushi <3
    3eesa Maki. I once met THE 3eesa of THE 3eesa maki. It was a great day.

  5. Shaku Maki.. ^_^ I love it.

    I too love the Japanese Dolma.

    Just the other day, my sexy English heartthrob trainer told me that she has Aly Maki for dinner every night. Lucky guy.