Dooced because of Blog

I track a lot of blogs and news feeds, 206 and increasing everyday. They are assorted feeds including technology, gadgets, world news, music sites, business and of course personal blogs. Personal blogs are my favorite. I don't read each and every item but when a title catchs my attention, I read the post attentively glimpsing into that blogger's little window witnessing those small moments in time that are revealed.

One blog I am following is petite anglaise. It tells the story of a single parent english girl working in Paris, France. According to her profile, "Paris has been my home for a decade. After living 'in sin' for 8 years, I left my partner for a man I met on my blog. I now live alone with my daughter Tadpole; her daddy, Mr Frog, lives nearby. "

Well, La Petite Anglaise has recently been dooced.

According to the telegraph article, An English secretary is bringing a test case under French labour law after allegedly being sacked for bringing her employers into disrepute by writing a "Bridget Jones in Paris" blog describing her everyday life.
Using the pseudonym La Petite Anglaise, she has attracted a sizeable international following for her musings on love, work and single motherhood in her internet diary.
Her employers discovered her blog and dooced her.

Well, I hope everything works out well for La Petite Anglaise, and she wins lots of money from her court case against her former employer. She can follow that success by writing a best selling novel. Her writing is captivating and she deserves all the best.



  1. Yikes!! You know, one of your blog entries (the one about the Scam) was inspiring me to do a series of entries on scams that I am aware of due to my job but I have refrained because I am too scared that my employer might find out and give me the boot...

  2. I love her blog it is one of my favorites. I hope she writes a book one day. I was outraged to hear that she had been given the ax because of the blog.

  3. hey! how come I don't get the axe 'cos of my blog?!

    .... oh, right.. its cuz I don't have a job yet... :/

    so, do u think the company has the right to fire someone over their blog?

  4. vie: careful what you write.

    mia: there where a couple of court cases before her and they people fired all won, plus the added notoriety is helpful in selling books, so I am confident she will be successful in the end.

    krispy: well companies can challenge you with exposing trade secrets, or libel or using your blog during company time.

  5. i love her blog, ive been a regular since it opened, and I really feel sorry for her