This is what happens to you if you conspire against Jacqui

According to Jacqui

many have commented about the lack of Duckie, I would like to mention that Duckie has been banished from my Kingdom, due to the fact that I have uncovered secret plots to assasinate me. You see Duckie has been dealing with Purgatory for the past few months, and therefore has acquired weapons of mass destruction aimed at destructing me, and taking over RubDuckie, and therefore I now take back my old motto “Don’t Eat the Duckie, Rub the Duckie” and switched it to “EAT DUCKIE but DON’T RUB DUCKIE!” Yes I believe I shall create me one of those thingys to put on my blog with my motto, yes I think I shall do that now.

Well through my investigative sources, I discovered the fate of the cute but treacherous Rubber Duckie. A word of caution, this may not be suitable for children or people with a sensitive disposition.


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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahha, yes that's Duckie, but I put him in the tower and that's where he's been banished too.