New Theme

I am thinking of changing the look of my blog. I was playing around with different ideas on my computer. Here is a banner I would like to put up. What do you all think about it? Don't be shy in your opinion.


fix: I made the banner smaller, you can click on it to enlarge. Thanks Q8sultana and C'est la vie!! for the heads up.


  1. Me likey and it's not just the drugs kicking in. I really like it!

  2. it's cool

    if I may suggerst...remove the right hand side-bar. maybe my browser sucks or I have the wrong resolution, but whenever i view your page the content is waaaaaaaay on the bottom...

    is that you by the way?

  3. That looks NICE!!....I have the same problem that q8sultana has when viewing ur blog....

  4. That looks cool..

    Just a comment about the look of your blog.. the pictures of the stuff on the left side-bar doesnt match the theme of your blog! It would be cleaner without them!

  5. ok Don..

    just coz I'm your most dedicated, loyal, and fav reader in the whole wide world.. and I am somewhat british so I never go around the bush.. hmm in other words I'm blunt... and well I think you can do better.. come on then, pull your socks up.. and show us a little more artsy Don..
    (it's actually nice.. but nice isn't what u should aim for.. I'm being tough to bring out the best of u ;P)
    God I just felt like one of those Soccer mums that pushes thier kids too much !!

    pictures of what "stuff" ?? I like the macho mafiozo'z they got attitude...

    PPL I'M HUNGRY !!!

  6. I think it's nice and better than the previous one. Of course as diigmaa says there could always be a better one, but I guess it applies to ANY banner. There is no such thing as perfection. So if you wanted to know whether this one is better than the current - yes, way better. I like it and hope you'll keep it.


  7. Oh and I forgot to add - everything is nicely aligned on your blog, and all the contents are where they should be. I use Firefox, maybe IE is different.

  8. The problem you're having here has to do with the size of the "you tube" thingy's your posting. Here's what I do with mine. Just change the size attributes. I use this width=400,height=450 whenever I post a "you tube" thingy in my blog.

  9. don't like it. Too simple.

  10. Don Veto, that`s better, but like the one you had before.
    Your style :D

  11. Thank you for all, I decided, the banner goes up :-)