Are you getting your piece of the pie?

According to Al-Yaum newspaper, the National Bank of Kuwait reported that the volume of Kuwait's GDP climbed by 35% in 2005 to reach KD 23.6 billion ($81 billion) by year end compared with an average growth rate of 23% over the previous two years. Meanwhile, the volume of Kuwait's total national income climbed by 35.8% in 2005 to reach KD 26 billion ($90 billion) by year end.

The same paper reported that the average per capita income in the State of Kuwait hit $34,482 in 2005, which is the second highest in the Arabian Gulf region, after the State of Qatar.

$34,482 is around KD 10,000 yearly, or KD 833 monthly for each Kuwaiti citizen. Are you all getting your piece of the pie, or Kunafa?



  1. I think Im getting some Tamur but thats about it! hehehe!

  2. Unfortunately, no I am not :(

  3. yeah somethin tells me that pie aint spit that evenly but we're not communists so we gotta live with what the market dictates ... Thanks for the picture Don. Now I want Kanafani.

  4. marzouq: tamur is good, now all you need is coffee with it.

    jewaira: dieting is good also.

    zinzin: sounds like a few people are getting big slices, others are getting crumbs, and other get to do the dish washing.