BBC's Top Gear Program looking at Saudi Driving

Here is a segment from the BBC's Top Gear program that covers cars all over the world. It shows what a Saudi fan sent to them with their comments. Very amusing.


  1. "this is what happen when you don't have people drink... what!?"
    lol !

  2. this is the result of people drinking,,or being on some kind of drugs...none of these kids attempt these moves sober.

  3. It's called Drifting...I wish I could do that (without wrecking) but I don't know how to drive a stick :-P

  4. LOL! thats not drifting! I have seen drifting competitions! Those cars are sliding around, but to drift you drift around corners and keep the car balanced.. but that is just nuts.. and no barriers!

    I cant blame them though!

  5. This is the same kind of video clip we have seen before with people actually getting knocked off and killed isn't it?

    It's simply horrible.

    But the British comments were humorous.

  6. 3baid: I want to drive like that, but without getting killed.

    idip: brit humor, hehe

    anon: I think they where all sober, they are in KSA remember

    vie: it's more like spinning

    marzouq: I think they spray the road with water or first, notice the tanker there. Otherwise their tyres would disentigrate.

    jewaira: well, people need hobbies, like blogging and spinning your car round and round.