100 Awesome Music Videos

Remember when MTV first came on air? The first video they played was, "Video Killed the Radio Star", by the Buggles. Buggles was one half Trevor Horn who later left to become a mega producer for different hit bands, the latest being Tatu. Well, maybe you are not that old to remember all this.

Anyway, here is a link to 100 Awesome Music Videos, I especially like Aha's Take on me.



  1. Nobody could have been a bigger fan of A-ha than myself.

    Back in the day, whenever I was lucky to catch them on TV, I would scream and jump, to the point that I scared my neighbours into thinking I was being raped or murdered!

    I had a life size poster of Morten Harket above my bed. He was lying on the grass, stretch out on his side, propped up on his elbow, with his leather straps around his wrist, a wicked lopsided grin and a glint in his eye.

    I made the mistake of making a friend privy to my nightly ritual, which was to kiss the poster before sleeping... on the mouth!

    Needless to say, I suffered the consequence, like a true fan would. Everytime my HS crush and his buddies would pass me in the halls, they would sing under their breaths 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' to make fun of my obsession.

    Sigh... those WERE the days!

    I did however get to meet his friend's best friend, who happened to be our family nurse. I'm still waiting on a phonecall from Morten;-) LOL. But I think Im more into Mags now.

    PS: I doubt many of the bloggers here would recall what the first MTV clip was, since they were just babies then.

    Thanks for the memory though!:-)

    PPS: A-ha is still going strong (in europe). You may want to check them out. They also have a really nice site.

  2. Aha, take on me is one of the best vids I saw. Do you remember the first vid on MTV ?