Votes for Sale - What Next ?


Seeing the video of Jamal Al Omar's gang buying votes really disgusted and angered me. Jamal Al Omar is not the only buyer; plenty of candidates hoping for a seat in the Kuwait Parliament are buying votes also. What really made it sickening was after selling their honor for cash, these filthy people put their unclean hand on the holy Quran and swore to Allah, their children and on their non existent honor to be true to their word as a guarantee.

How cheap can these people be? If I pay someone 500 KD for his vote? What does that make him? What else is on sale here and how much will it cost?

That reminded me of an anectode about George Bernard Shaw who was talking with an aristocratic lady in a party. Bernard Shaw with tongue in cheek proposed “Lady, would you like to sleep with me for a million dollars”. The lady replied, “why not?” The next question of Bernard Shaw was bolder. “Will you sleep with me for ten dollars?” The lady pulled herself to her full height and asked, “Do you think I am a prostitute?” Bernard Shaw coolly replied, “We have already established that fact, what we are doing now is negotiating the rates”.

Moral of the story: Vote with honor for someone that has honor, and keep the crap out of parliament.


  1. Too late don for that.. there are prostitutes all over kuwait.. and its sad.. anything seems to be for sale these days.. but Im hoping for the silver lining in the cloud.. I hope that the people who do have honor and vote for who have honor out number those who have sold their votes and are lacking any ethics! Im hoping that kuwait will come through! Tommrow is D Day! It will make or break Kuwait!

  2. ...They can do that??? What the hell..

  3. marzouq: well the results are out, some crap managed to leak through but overall its a pretty good crowd.

    lilacs: unfortunately, yes :-(

    sty: very very sad.