Yay for Pan Arabism

I usually avoid political posts, but this was funny to read, and sadly true.

The post was taken from here.

The arabs hate the Jordanian King Hussein and call him a traitor, the Benedict Arnold of the arab world, for not fighting with Israel during the 50's and 60's, and for kicking out the PLO after they tried to overthrow him in the 1970's.

The arabs hate the egyptians for the Camp David treaty and selling out the palestinain cause and giving everyone else the excuse to sign peace treaties with Israel!

The arabs hate Kuwait, for supporting the US war in Iraq to remove Saddam, who invaded them in the past and tortured and killed their people.

The arabs hate the iraqis that went out and celebrated the removal of Saddam and co-operated with the americans to get rid of him, after he opressed them, tortured them, killed them and raped their women for the past 25 years.

The arabs hate the lebanese because they are helping and aiding the "zionist enemy" and "the american imperialists" in finding cause and reason to isolate and punish Syria.

The lebanese hate the arabs because they won't support them against the syrians who are occupying them and killing those amongst them who want a free and independent Lebanon.

The Iraqis hate the arabs for never supporting them or helping them
move on and create a better country, and for continuing to support

The Kuwaitis hate the arabs for majorly being OK with them getting invaded by Saddam and for getting mad at them for doing what's necessary to protect themselves.

The egyptians hate the arabs for..well..really lots of reasons. It's mainly our superiority complex speaking, 7000 years of civilization and all. Plus, we are the ones who did most of the fighting against Israel, while the rest just kind of watched, and yet have the nerve to call us traitors!

The Jordanians hate the arabs because they view themselves as the only people who truly did something for the palestinains and gave them citizenships and a home, while palestinians in other arab countries are still treated and viewed as refugees, even if they were born in those countries.

The Tunisians, algerians and Morroceans are too geographically far and too culturally seperate to actually care about the stupid shit that arabs squabble about.

And the Libyans have given up on the arabs, and are now promoting african-ness, which is a really dumb move since the african nations are even more retarded than the arab ones.

Yay for Pan-arabism!


  1. lol nice post!
    So basically we all hate each other :P And we wonder why the world hates us? :P

  2. yup, paraphrasing the beatles, "all you need is hate"